Yu Yu Hakusho Episodes 23 & 24 Analysis

With Hirue defeated, Tarukane orders the Toguros to throw more demons at our heroes. With them being far more powerful than they were in earlier arcs, they are able to handle the lower-level demons with ease.

Tarukane because of this begins to doubt the Toguros, and orders for a test of their strength against his mutant lion creature Helen. The taller of the Toguros was able to kill it in horrifying fashion with no problem at all, at only about 30% of his full power.

It’s hard to judge just how powerful the Toguros are though even after this, because Helen is said to be an earthly creature and not something from the demon realm. While the strength of the beast looked formidable, we just don’t know how powerful it was next to the average demon, or someone with skilled spirit energy techniques.

The taller Toguro who seems to be the leader of the two, seemed reluctant to kill the creature and we get the feeling that he isn’t exactly thrilled at having to serve Tarukane. The repugnant attitude of his client appears to disgust Toguro, and it looks like he has passed information on to another member of the Black Black Club, Sakyou, in order to help bankrupt Tarukane.

What exactly does Sakyou know to keep correctly making his outrageous bets, and what may his endgame be? It appears to be more than just money, and who knows what information he’s learned from the Toguros. It’s very possible that he could be working with them against Tarukane.

Sakyou cuts a mysterious and slightly ominous figure.

What’s also revealed here is that Yusuke and Kuwabara now have a reputation in the Demon Realm, as word has got out about how they contributed to the defeats of Rando and Suzaku. Therefore, the two of them have somewhat of a target on their backs.

The Toguros summoned a trio of more powerful demons to handle Yusuke and Kuwabara, but again our heroes were easily victorious. The less said about the fight against Miyuki the better, in a scene that certainly wouldn’t fly these days for multiple reasons; namely, more modern attitudes towards trans people and against sexual assault. These aspects were apparently wisely changed for the English dub released in the early 2000s.

Throughout these two episodes Hiei is following the rest of the crew hidden from their gaze. He feels a ridiculous amount of demon energy from the Toguros, and we don’t see him venture inside Tarukane’s stronghold. How Yusuke, Botan and Kuwabara with his spiritual sensitivity were not able to feel this strong energy is somewhat of a mystery, but perhaps there’s a reason for that.

Yusuke and Kuwabara now have to face the powerful demon, and surely they won’t be able to win knowing what we already do about Toguro and his prominence in the series. Will they be able to survive?

Episode Conclusions

These two episodes were again enjoyable, and I’m fascinated to see how things turn out. With only one episode left of this arc (and saga as a whole) we won’t have long to find out. I’m particularly interested to see what Sakyou’s up to in all of this.

Yusuke and Kuwabara look doomed, but I think an intervention from Hiei will save them and help his sister Yukina to safety in the process.

Will Yusuke and Kuwabara survive against Toguro? What secrets is Sakyou hiding? Leave your thoughts down below.

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