Yu Yu Hakusho Episodes 19 & 20 Analysis

Yusuke finally is able to confront the Saint Beasts’ leader Suzaku, hoping to put a stop to the yokai’s plans and save Keiko from the wave of possessed in the process.

To make matters more complicated, Yusuke has to do this without the help of his allies, who are stuck having to battle away against the hoards of cultivated people, the green, zombie-like humanoids. Despite trying their very best to break through, it appears as though they will ultimately be unable to do so.

Keiko and Botan continue to have their hands full dealing with the possessed pursuing them, and it looks like their luck will soon run out. No longer able to outrun their pursuers as capably as before due to being penned deep into the school, it’s seemingly just a matter of time before they are captured and killed.

Keiko still doesn’t seem to know exactly what is going on, but perhaps Botan’s words to Yusuke and the rest over the communication device may have clued her in that something odd is going on here. It doesn’t look like it will be long until she finds out the truth about the Spirit Realm and its existence.

Yusuke therefore has to finish things quickly, but unfortunately Suzaku is incredibly strong. Even after his training from Genkai, the yokai is proving too strong for our protagonist. Yusuke is barely able to survive the onslaught, especially after Suzaku splits himself into seven. You’d think that this would also split his power, but as of yet there is no sign of this.

How Yusuke will manage to defeat Suzaku is anyone’s guess.

Suzaku is committing a grave sin shared by all antagonists of shounen however, and just like Rando toys with Yusuke. He’s prepared to hold Yusuke right on the point of death, potentially allowing Yusuke to learn how to break through his own limits.

Yusuke has to become innovative just to stay alive, such as using his shoes in combat to help counter Suzaku’s powerful lightning reiki attacks at one point. After Yusuke’s burst of reiki knocked back Suzaku and his duplicates, will he be able to win?

Episode Conclusions

These two episodes were mostly fighting, which is why I don’t have much to say this time. That said, I did really like these episodes, and you can see that the stakes continue to get higher as Yusuke’s adversaries become more powerful.

What did you think about these two episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho? How can Yusuke emerge victorious? Leave your thoughts below.

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