Yu Yu Hakusho Episodes 11 & 12 Analysis

Genkai’s tournament to discover her successor heats up over these two episodes, as Yusuke once again uses some innovation and a little luck to overcome his opponents, while the identity of Rando is finally revealed.

Despite being at a major disadvantage and looking like he would surely lose, Yusuke was able to defeat Kibano with the help of Genkai’s discarded cigarette.

The ninja Kazemaru was also a very difficult adversary for Yusuke, especially as he was so worn out after the previous battle. It was only through blind luck that Yusuke was able to win the fight, falling into a swamp allowing the pursuing shurikens to take out their owner instead.

I really like the character of Kazemaru, as we find out that he is a human and not a yokai. Yusuke and Kuwabara have been painted as being quite special so far, so it’s nice to see there are other humans out there not counting Genkai who are still much more powerful than they are.

Something that is noticeable here and a little annoying is that Yusuke gets beat up and knocked down several times during these fights, but is allowed to continue regardless. Kibano and Kazemaru don’t get this benefit however, and Genkai announces their defeat soon after they hit the deck. We know Genkai thinks highly of Yusuke, so is possibly trying to assist Yusuke to become her student at the end of all this.

Kuwabara then faces off against Shorin, and it’s no surprise that the diminutive combatant turned out to be Rando, as guessed from the previous episodes. As someone who has been watching anime for a long time, this was obvious, as I’m sure it was for many people.

Shorin wasn’t as innocent and harmless as he looked.

Shorin’s treatment of Kuwabara is the most violence we have seen in the series so far, with Kuwabara sadistically having his arms snapped and body slowly crushed. Despite this drubbing, it seems like he’s at least been able to survive. Once again, we see that Yusuke and Kuwabara’s rivalry was nothing personal, as Yusuke is shocked and angry and becomes determined to take down the yokai for his fallen ally.

One wonders why Genkai allows the tournament to go on, as you can tell that she is shocked by Rando’s presence and the fact that he is using the moves he gained from other, now fallen masters. Whether she has the strength to defeat Rando in her older years, who knows, but it’s odd that she allows a novice like Yusuke to take on the demon. It was noticed in Episode 11 however that Yusuke gets stronger the more peril he’s in, so maybe she’s counting on that here, and to get a proper look at Yusuke’s potential.

About Rando, I like how he toys with his opponents, allowing Kuwabara and Yusuke to get a few shots in before he even thinks about fighting seriously. Also, seeing him emerge from the earth was absolutely terrifying. Will this be a fight too far for Yusuke?

Episode Conclusions

This is another good pair of episodes, with things getting more serious and Yusuke and his friends realising the nature of the danger that they have put themselves in. The only downside of any episodes or any series with a lot of fighting in is, while still fun and entertaining to watch, the actual story doesn’t move as fast as perhaps one would like, which is one thing I miss from some earlier episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Will Yusuke be able to defeat Rando? Did you also feel that Shorin would be the evil yokai? Leave your comments down below.

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