Hi, and welcome to Retro Anime Realm! This site is dedicated to older works of anime and manga, and their relevant franchises. Any anime older than ten years or more is fair game here!

You may have seen that we have a lot of content up on the site already. This content has been brought over from this website’s predecessor, Mature Manga.

If you don’t know where to start, why not check out the analyses of every entry in the Armored Trooper Votoms franchise, or our article on Outlaw Star’s often forgotten predecessor, Future Hero Retro Story.

For those of you who may have been redirected here expecting to visit the previous site, unfortunately, it was lost in a botched hosting transfer. That led to the creation of this website, and thankfully, much of the content from Mature Manga was eventually able to be recovered.

The only casualties are all the articles detailing Monster, as well as its successor story Another Monster. Those covering Monster I am not too bothered about losing, however those on Another Monster are a real loss as far fewer people had covered it previously. In some years, I hope to cover both stories again in order to somewhat recover what has been lost.

It was decided to start the Retro Anime Realm website, as with Mature Manga I was planning to move away from just covering seinen works, so this seemed like a good fit. Retro Anime Realm can also now be a proper companion of a YouTube channel I started some years ago which has been somewhat abandoned. So, I do plan to make some more videos again in the future.

Anyway, please enjoy the website.



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