Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero News Update

So, thanks to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero panel at New York Comic Con that just finished as I type this, we have some more news and details on the upcoming entry into the Dragon Ball franchise that many of us have been waiting for.

We did get a new trailer and a lot of extra details, so let’s take a look at what was discussed:

Firstly, the visuals, that have been the topic of some debate among fans of the franchise. I think it’s fair to say that most Dragon Ball fans were incredibly happy with the visual style of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, provided by Naohiro Shintani.

Personally, after seeing the trailer I am not really a fan of the new design aesthetic, however, I agree with what Akio Iyoku said in that it’s nice for each movie to have its own, distinct style to help make them all a little different and unique. Toei is going for a more ‘pop’ type of design, as Iyoku put it.

Another thing that has been a question for a long time is when some of the younger characters will get an older look and appearance. With Dende’s new design, this was confirmed as something that will be happening. Whether Goten and Trunks will appear in this movie at any point remains to be seen, but considering that most of this movie shall be set on Earth I would say that yes.

The trailer also confirmed that the villains of this film will be part of the old Red Ribbon army. Despite the organisation appearing twice already in both the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z portions of the story, I am personally glad that they are making a return. With the size of it, it’s only reasonable that there were more remnants out there plotting aside from just Dr Gero. Once again, they seem determined to target Goku and his friends.

I still don’t quite know what to make of the two new robot-looking characters that were introduced to us, now known as Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. In my opinion though, it’s pretty much a given that they will combine into one being at some point.

Gamma 2 as seen from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer. This image also provides a good idea of what the CGI looks like for the film.

We also have even more of a reason to believe that Pan is going to play a big role and this film, and it was revealed that she is going to be trained by Piccolo, just as her father Gohan was. Pan has never really interested me as a character, as she’s just a very small child, so it’ll be interesting to see how her character is developed, both for this movie and going forward in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Last but not least, eagle-eyed viewers were able to spot an appearance from Broly in the trailer, training with Goku on Beerus’ planet. Whether he will be stepping into battle against the Gammas at any point shall be interesting. Personally, I feel he should exist independently of Goku and the Z Fighters, but we shall see.

The movie is stated to come out next year. However, no exact release date was given at this event, but I expect this news to come fairly shortly. So we’re still probably going to have to wait some time before its release.

Did you also watch the panel, and what did you make of it? Are you excited for the movie? Leave your thoughts down below.

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