Goku battling against Gas during Chapter 81 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 81 Analysis

This time in Chapter 81 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, the battle against Gas and the Heeters seems to be drawing to some kind of conclusion as things take a further turn.

Despite trying his very best against Gas in the previous chapter, Granolah doesn’t last long against him this time around, attempting to take out Elec in his rage until Gas stepped in; brutally snapping Granolah’s arms and blasting his eyes. This then allowed Elec to dispatch the Cerealian himself.

Thankfully, we see later in the chapter that Granolah was able to survive and is being healed by Monaito, so he will live to fight another day. Gas sees this and tries to take out Monaito as a consequence, but Goku prevents this by teleporting himself and the Heeter to a nearby planet.

Up until this point, Gas had Goku and Vegeta pinned down with energy until Vegeta gifted what was left of his to his fellow Saiyan to allow him to break free. Goku as expected seems to be being outclassed by Gas, but Goku still hasn’t unleashed the full extent of his Ultra Instinct technique which may be able to put him on a similar footing after the hard battles he has had to fight this arc.

One thing I liked here was that Goku refuses to get angry to boost his power as he has done in the past, instead deciding to remain calm. This is a nice piece of development for Goku, who hasn’t really had enough of that I feel during Super’s run. It shows that he learnt a lot from his time with Merus.

Gas seems to enjoy going through the repertoire of abilities he has obtained since Elec’s wish was made. In this chapter, he demonstrates his telekinetic abilities, as he flings trains and houses at Goku. The Saiyan notes that Gas still doesn’t have complete mastery of the techniques he has gained, so maybe this is something that could lead our heroes to victory.

Oil and maki of the Heeter Gang watching the battle between Goku and Gas in Chapter 81 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.
Oil and Maki look on as Goku is sent hurtling through the sky by a flying train thrown by Gas.

We got to see Jaco for a small moment during this chapter, before Goku teleported himself and Gas away again. It was nice to see another character that we’re familiar with, and that the action will be moving away from Planet Cereal.

I feel that Dragon Ball as a franchise can sometimes be guilty of sticking with the same setting for too long, as in this case, so I am looking forward to where they may end up. It’s important to remember that Instant Transmission only works when the user locks on to a familiar ki signature, so we should be seeing another known character next month.

With Gas now gone from the planet, one would expect that once recovering, Vegeta and Granolah would easily be able to take out Elec and the rest of the Heeters. I don’t think Granolah will have his revenge too easily however, as Elec still seems to have something up his sleeve.

In this chapter, he was again talking about something he has planned, as he did in one of the last ones. We know that he hasn’t made another wish, as the planet’s skies didn’t grow dark again, so who knows what it could be.

Chapter Conclusions

I think with this chapter, the arc appears to be reaching its conclusion as some of the action moves away from Planet Cereal. Even with Goku being Goku, I still don’t know if he has it in him to defeat Gas at present. I think it will really have to be a combined effort to defeat him and the rest of the Heeters. And, where exactly will Bardock come in to all this?

Do you think Goku has what it takes to defeat Gas? What planet do you think himself and Gas will arrive on? Leave your thoughts down below.

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