Gas in his beast form in Chapter 80 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 80 Analysis

In Chapter 80 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, similarly to the last few editions the Granolah Arc continues to drag on, but there is still some enjoyment to be had.

Granolah’s upper hand begins to wane in his battle against Gas, as the Heeter becomes more skilled at fighting at a high level and more in tune with the techniques gained from Elec’s wish. Still, Granolah was cunning and creatively used the body duplication technique to deliver an almost decisive blow, knocking Gas out temporarily.

I’m not an art expert and is the reason I never really talk about it in these reviews, but I really enjoyed what Toyotaro delivered this month. Some of the panels were really cool to look at, and I think this chapter had some of the best art I can remember from the Dragon Ball Super manga from memory. It made more of the fighting jump off the page in comparison to some previous chapters.

Gas fighting Granolah's clones in Chapter 80 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.
Some of Toyotaro’s art was above the level we have come to expect.

Elec is back on the scene, and helps Gas to once again undergo another transformation. Frankly, I don’t see the point in this and am disappointed by this writing decision.

We have already seen Gas transform thanks to the wish, and while his new form looks cool, its existence feels like it’s just there to drag the fight on another few months, which seems to have lasted an eternity already seeing as we have to wait a month for each chapter’s release.

From what Maki says, the Heeters all have restrictions held on their power like with Gas and his headband, similar to Broly I guess in the original DBZ movies. How powerful could the others be with their uncontrollable powers unleashed? Obviously, not as strong as Gas is now, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.

Elec removes Gas' headband in Chapter 80 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.
Elec removes the restraint on Gas’ power.

Elec in the last chapter said he was going off to handle something, so did he manage to handle this urgent errand or decide to assist Gas instead? Sometimes in Dragon Ball, it’s hard to know how much time is passing by, but it didn’t feel like much at all.

With Gas’ beastly new form, Granolah and Vegeta get beaten up badly. Goku’s intervention causes Gas to remember fighting against Bardock, and Monaito remembers that Gas was using this form when Bardock defeated him. Despite Gas controlling his power at the end of the chapter, I still think whatever Bardock did will be the key to our heroes managing to win this fight.

Chapter Conclusions

So, yet again this chapter was mostly fighting with little in the way of plot progression, but I at least feel that this chapter was more enjoyable than the last couple. I felt the battle here was much more entertaining, thanks in part to Toyotaro’s art. Now Gas is even more powerful then he was before, Goku, Vegeta and Granolah look like they’ll have to work together to win.

How powerful has Gas now become? Will the plot FINALLY progress next month? Leave your thoughts down below.

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