Gas during his fight with Granolah in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 79 Analysis

Chapter 79 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is another one of those chapters that is mostly just fighting, with little in the way of furthering the general plot. That said, it was still enjoyable with some great action panels in what is an exciting fight between Granolah and Gas.

It’ll be interesting to see which fighter eventually comes out on top. Gas is certainly stronger having received the wish from the dragon after Granolah, however the Cerealian appears to be the wiser and more experienced fighter, possibly giving him the edge.

Meanwhile, Elec states that he has some other business to take care of instead of waiting for the battle to unfold, so who knows where he could be off to and what his plan is. Perhaps we will soon see Frieza involved who the Heeters want to one-up, and maybe the reintroduction of the android Seven-Three.

What could this urgent errand be, we wonder?

This chapter also marks Granolah teaming back up with his assistant Oatmeel again. I had never quite clocked in previous chapters that Oatmeel was in fact the actual headset thing Granolah uses. With this in mind, what and who is Oatmeel? Is he some kind of computer technology or possibly someone helping Granolah remotely? This character seems overlooked almost on purpose, and shrouded in an interesting level of intrigue.

Gas has some pride as a fighter as he insisted on using his own techniques, that of his weapon creation abilities, to defeat Granolah. Once that proved not enough, he has decided to bring out the energy techniques, including the use of Hakai. What this proves beyond all doubt is that the wish the dragon made for the two combatants included the knowledge of these advanced techniques, including the use of Instant Transmission.

Chapter Conclusions

Well, this was a very entertaining battle, and there’s no way to tell who will ultimately win out between Gas and Granolah. Some kind of interruption may be necessary here such as when Monaito stepped in to stop the battle the last time.

I doubt this fight will span another whole chapter, and I imagine that the next phase of the arc will be teased next month. There is no obvious direction that this arc is going in, so it will be fascinating to see where it ends up.

Where do you think the arc will go from here? Can Granolah truly find a way to defeat Gas? Leave your thoughts down below.

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