Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 78 Analysis

This time in the Dragon Ball Super manga, the Heeters finally make their wish to the Cerelian dragon, causing things to get serious as Gas is powered up to now be the new strongest warrior in the universe.

Granolah, now realising the full circumstances of his past and how the Heeters are responsible, attacks Gas with the help of Goku but both are easily dealt with by Gas’ now tremendous power.

Gas interestingly didn’t seem to desire the power boost. Could he have been aware that a sacrifice would be needed to make the wish required? He reluctantly agreed to go through with Elec’s plan for him, however. I wonder what sacrifice this may have been myself; was it a sacrifice Elec have to make for himself, for Gas as the receiver of the wish, or perhaps something else?

Elec’s wish boosted Gas’ power to unimaginable heights.

Gas’ powers are intriguing, as he fights by manifesting weapons out of thin air. It’s difficult to see in the manga, but I feel these are energy weapons rather than being fully materialised. This is a new style of fighting that we haven’t really seen before in Dragon Ball, and helps to make the fight in this chapter more unique and entertaining as a result.

Monaito and his reasons for not telling the truth to Granolah are also unveiled, as we find out that the Heeters eventually learnt of their survival. With Granolah already a bounty hunter at a young age, it made sense for Monaito to encourage him to work for his mother’s killer instead of chasing revenge without the necessary power required, and getting himself killed as a consequence.

Monaito did what he had to do to keep Granolah alive.

Goku and Vegeta because of all this also become aware of the existence of Dragon Balls on the planet. It took them a long time to realise this, only realising when outright told. Being in the presence of a Namekian and then witnessing the sky go black should have been enough for them to realise what was going on, combined with Granolah’s unusual strength.

After taking a pummelling at the hands of Gas, Goku remembers that there is another Senzu Bean to consume. Vegeta, instead of eating it decides to give it to Granolah instead, understanding how Granolah wants his revenge. This is another good moment of development, as the old Vegeta would have never passed up an opportunity to fight an opponent as strong as Gas previously.

Chapter Conclusions

Our characters find themselves in great pinch, as they are now at Gas and the Heeters’ mercy. Even after eating the Senzu Bean, it seems unlikely that Granolah would be able to defeat Gas. This is made worse by the fact that the Heeters have the Dragon Radar, and can simply continue to abuse the wishing power of the dragon.

Will the Heeters choose to make more wishes?

It seems the only hope is for the dragon to be put out of commission. This could be achieved by Monaito destroying the miniature dragon statue that he most likely created, similar to those of Earth’s Namekian guardians. That, or through his own death of course. We’ll find out next month.

What did you make of this chapter of Dragon Ball Super? Can Gas possibly be defeated? Leave your comments down below.

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