Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 77 Analysis

Chapter 77 of the Dragon Ball Super manga was pretty much as I had feared, with it mostly being a flashback chapter and nothing of note really happening in the present story. Still, what it had to offer us was still very enjoyable.

The chapter gives us a better look at the invasion of Planet Cereal, and how Bardock exactly came to save Monaito and Granolah. Much has been made about how Akira Toriyama’s newer interpretation of Bardock is a bit of a softy compared to his previous self, but I think his character was handled delicately here.

What I mean is, that he was well-written here and his character balanced correctly. Throughout this chapter, Bardock still appears as very much a warrior, with a stoic and curt personality and way of speaking. He only saved Granolah and his mother Muezli due to seeing his son Goku or Kakarot not long before, and remembering his wife Gine’s motherly love for the child.

Goku at last finds out about his dad in this chapter, which has been a long time coming and something that fans have been waiting for for many years. I stated last time that Goku has become more and more connected with his Saiyan roots over time, so I predict that he will probably start to prod Vegeta for more information about Bardock at some point.

Vegeta makes a comment about how Goku must have inherited his father’s soft-hearted nature, however, I don’t think this is meant to be taken at face value, and was nothing more than a quip on Vegeta’s part.

As for Monaito, we get to see how he became the sole living Namekian on the planet. Not for the first time, we see Namekians being brutally slain by Frieza’s forces. As a consequence, Monaito was given the two Dragon Balls with the elder’s dying breaths, and their responsibility passed to him.

From what we’ve seen, Monaito isn’t a particularly gifted Namekian. Bardock states that he has a power level in the hundreds, and his healing powers are also not as refined as someone like Dende.

Also, and rather importantly, we find out that Elec was responsible for Muezli’s death. With his thirst for revenge, it’s expected that Granolah will now try and find the Heeters and kill them. The Heeters are well on their way to obtaining the second and last Dragon Ball however, so who knows what they will wish for and where the story will go from here.

Granolah and his mother Muezli after being spotted by Bardock in Oozaru form.

Interestingly, Gas implies at the end of the chapter that he fought against Bardock and lost. We see him flying off to do so at the end of the flashback. What’s fascinating about this is that Gas has been painted as being strong, and easily handled Bardock’s energy blast earlier.

I have seen some fans speculate that this may be pointing to a possible Super Saiyan transformation for Bardock, and if the case, I personally feel it would be a disaster for the Dragon Ball story in general if not handled correctly. We’ll find out next month I guess.

Chapter Conclusions

Despite this chapter being largely a flashback, it was still very enjoyable and helped to flesh out some of the backstories of characters like Granolah, Monaito as well as some more information on Bardock’s past.

I’m largely hoping that we get some progress with the story next month, as we have had months of fighting before this chapter, with the story not really moving fast enough, which I feel is important with these monthly releases.

What did you make of this chapter of Dragon Ball Super? What do you think the Heeters will wish for? Leave your comments down below.

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