Netflix Cowboy Bebop Trailer Thoughts

We now have the trailer for Netflix’s long-awaited adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, ahead of its release on the 19th November.

I think I have already covered a good amount of my thoughts on the series so far, but there are some extra bits I would like to go over after watching this trailer.

The first thing is that the visuals look absolutely amazing, and do hark back to that of the original anime which is great. It looks like the world of Cowboy Bebop, and seems to match the shots from the original work often.

Another thing that has been noticed by fans and another slight complaint, is that there seems to be rather a lot of Marvel-esque, quippy humour on show here that hasn’t been welcomed by everyone. I understand this, but also accept that this is just a sign of the times due to Marvel’s success. Also, I imagine that this series will still retain a lot of the drama of the original despite this.

The trailer also conveys that Spike Spiegel is using a fake name, in a change from the original anime. In trying to lay low from an infamous crime syndicate he was once a part of, this change does make sense and therefore I am all for this.

I mentioned previously how much of a fan I am of Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, but I’ll give my opinion of Daniella Pineda and John Cho in their respective roles here. Pineda appears to fit Faye Valentine’s character pretty well, and is reminiscent of the original character. This is also true of John Cho’s portrayal of Spike, however, the actor’s age is still a strong bone of contention.

One can’t help but feel there may have been other actors who may have been more suitable. My take on it is that, with Cowboy Bebop being a beloved work and Netflix already having had serious missteps with previous works based on anime, that Netflix just went for a safe pair of hands. John Cho is an experienced and established actor that you know will at least do a good job.

When the series is released, I will be covering it here on Retro Anime Realm. Due to other commitments both on this site and elsewhere, this will just be in two parts; a first impressions article and then another covering the series as a whole.

Are you excited about the series, or are you still wary of what the series shall look like? Leave your thoughts below.

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